Now you can talk to Santa from the comfort of your own home!

Santa Video

Talk to Santa Claus from wherever you are

No Shopping Centres, noise and waiting in line! Have your very own personal live chat with Santa from your own home. Great for kids with sensory concerns. Plus ask Grandparents or friends to join in from wherever they are across the world!

Awesome Santa Video Chats
Minutes with Santa
Super Happy Kids!

“My daughter LOVED her one on one time with Santa Claus. He was amazing and it wa a wonderful experience. It was great that I could give information to Santa before the session so he amazed my kids. Thankyou Book a Santa.”

Why online Santa?

Online Santa videos started as a way for children to still meet Santa during covid when in person locations were closed. Parents found they much preferred the convenience!


Who likes crowds and having to wait in line? No one! Online Santa videos mean you can stay in the comfort of your own home and chat to Santa in a quiet environment. This is great for kids with sensory or attention concerns


Your Santa will only be chatting with your kids, which means total one-on-one time. You can even let Santa know special knowledge before your call to surprise your kids with insider knowledge!


Grandparents or friends may not be able to make an in person visit to Santa, but they can be sent the link to join in your video call! Even from other states or countries, you can share the joy!


You can even video chat with Santa after Christmas for later family parties or perhaps to say thankyou for Christmas presents from Santa!