Book a Santa has partnered with SantaHQ where you can video with our amazing Australian Santas!

From ‘the Santa of the internet’, Jimmy Wales

Santa HQ is a project by Jimmy Wales, founder of  Wikipedia and

He’s known as ‘the Santa of the internet’ for gifting the world Wikipedia with no ads or paywalls, and now he’s using his tech expertise to help kids have a magical Christmas in a very strange time.

Delivered digitally. Enjoyed in the real world. Here’s how it works…

The adventure begins on 25th November with your introduction to the North Pole elves and our very own Elf Greenhorn the Forest Elf, desperate to qualify as one of the Santa HQ elves. Children will be offered the chance to help Elf Greenhorn learn about the real joy of Christmas through an engaging new activity every day.

The Santa HQ daily video-led activities are filled with exciting and varied content such as singalongs, dancing, arts & crafts (great for family gifts!), storytelling and outdoor exploring!

We encourage and inspire children to take part in Santa HQ, both with their families and independently (a great opportunity for grown-ups to kick back with a hot chocolate!).

Build a photo journal of your Christmas memories.

Along the way you will be invited to upload photos of your adventure and these will automatically be saved in your own personalised digital photo journal to record the special memories you make. The journal will be available as a ready-to-print file to share with your friends and family.

Enjoy your very own video call with the real Santa!

Santa will have already seen all the wonderful tasks you have been documenting in your journal so he will be ready to discuss!

The Santa HQ elves will also ask specific questions when you book your time to help Santa remember some special facts and/or recent events (Santa is rather old now and his memory does need jogging every now and then).