Santa Behavior Policy

The following list refers to behaviors that should in no way be undertaken by any performer regardless of circumstance.

Be poorly dressedMrs. Claus takes great pride in dressing Santa perfectly! Make sure no child ever sees through your disguise to cause disbelief.  
SmokesNo Santa should ever be seen smoking, or have the smell of smoking on their costume/breath.
Drinks alcoholSanta never drinks alcohol before or on the job.
Has bad breathNo one likes bad breath! Always remember your mints.
SmellsEnsure your costume is aired out daily, and use fre-breeze or glen 20. Wash your gloves after each session, use a deodorant, and ensure fresh clean breath.
SwearsSanta doesn’t know any swear words. Even away from public. 
Invade personal spaceSanta is very respectful. He never kisses or makes inappropriate gestures to children, parents or staff. He may hug, but keep both hands in full view.
Ask personal questionsNever ask personal questions such as boyfriends/girlfriends, addresses  etc.
Speaks inappropriatelyIncluding “leaving alcohol out for Santa when visiting’.
AssumeNever assume anything about a child. The adults they are with may be guardians/grandparents/siblings, not mother and father. Children may be older or younger than assumed, may have special abilities, or insights.
Makes definite promisesNever promise a child anything! Santa can be a bit vague. He can promise to try, but never be definite about expectations.
Let’s his costume be seen when not wearing itWhen arriving and departing the store, keep your costume in a closed covered bag. Seeing the costume when not been worn ruins the illusion for children.
Drops CharacterYou are Santa from the moment you put on your costume. Never break character, no matter what, until that costume comes off.
Change room GossipNo Santa should ever been seen to be negative, and this includes change room negativity or gossiping. If you have problems, let Book a Santa know, and/or vent at home. Venting of an issue on the job can be seen to be negative and reflects poorly on you and Book a Santa.

Smoking Policy

Santa does not smoke.
As a children’s entertainment company, Book a Santa has a stern policy that no performer should be smoking while representing us. Representing includes being in costume, being on premises of a job, in presence of clients or staff, or wearing any logos or costumes.

If you must smoke, we ask you wait until your shift is finished, and you have completely exited the venue. You must be changed out of costumes, make up, and be away from the premises. Do not allow cigarettes to be lit around your costume or you will be charged for dry cleaning.

If you smoke before arriving at a shift, ensure you have washed your hands thoroughly, have applied a scented spray to your body, and have brushed your teeth with Listerine. Children should never be subjected to any smells of nicotine.
If you are reported for smoking/smelling of smoke, you will be stood down immediately without pay.

Drugs/Alcohol Policies
There is absolutely zero tolerance on drugs or alcohol while working for Book a Santa. Santas under the influence of drugs or alcohol while on duty will be stood down immediately without pay.

Extra Hours/Overtime
While on a job, you may approached for extra hours. If you are available, feel free to accept. Ensure you report the hours to Book A Santa to ensure you are paid for them. Book A Santa counts anything past 15min as overtime. If you cannot accept, please ensure Book A Santa is told so we might offer hours to other Santas.

Further work.
Customers often ask if performers are available for further events. Book A Santa will supply you with some business cards. These cards have a place to put your name for referral. Therefore, the work will be referred back to you. I fyou do not have cards available, refer clients to the website
Any performer of Book A Santa is requested to refer future performances of any sort through the company.


Book a Santa is here to look after our Santas. When issues occur, we prefer to talk to all parties involved, and find a mutually beneficial understanding.

There are some incidents where you may be terminated immediately.
In these situations, Santas will be stood down without pay and warned never to apply for Santa Claus work again.

Circumstances include-

  • Santa using/under influences drugs or alcohol while on duty OR Santa smelling of drugs/alcohol.
  • Inappropriate behaviour towards staff, children, parents, clients or Book a Santa. Inappropriate includes disrespectful comments or behaviour, discrimination, harassment, swearing or general rudeness.
  • Continued lateness even after warnings.
  • “Change room gossip”. No Book a Santa performer should ever been seen to be negative, and this includes making negative remarks in change rooms.
  • Refusal to obtain Working with Children check.
  • Trying to obtain work direct through client, and accepting work gained from a Book a Santa gig and not referring through the company first.
  • Disrespect towards costume, accessories or other equipment on loan from Book a Santa or sister businesses.
  • Bullying of children, staff, clients, supervisors, or anyone associated with Book a Santa.
  • Any form of sexual harassment.