Be the best Santa

How do I clean my costume?

Santa Costumes are very expensive, and difficult to clean. Here are some tips of the trade. Never do anything you are not confidient with, and you can always post your costume to Book a Santa for yearly cleaning.

Costume and Hat

Santa costumes are very expensive and needs exact instructions to clean. Here are tips to get your costume through the season

Beards and Wigs need maintenance to keep them clean and perfect. Follow these cleaning tips to have the best Santa beard this season

Wash your gloves after every single shift. Here are details on soaking and cleaning. 

If you choose to wear padding, it can soak up sweat. You might need to clean or even repair your padding over the season. 

Accessories include glasses, paint, bell and Santa bags. They are all simple to maintain and clean

Boot covers and boots to both clean and repair, plus belt cleaning and maintenance.