How do you keep white gloves white?

Santa traditionally wears white gloves so his hands stand out in pictures. You can always spot Santas gloved hands. They offer a degree of protection, as well as create an illusion of cartoon character fun. 

Washing Gloves

Santa Gloves come in many different styles and degrees of quality. It’s rather difficult for us to get good Santa Claus gloves as every Santa has their own favourites. Gloves tend to suit a smaller hand, and Santas often have larger hands. Plus gloves get dirty and unusable very quickly, so it’s not economical to purchase expensive pairs. Book a Santa will always try to provide you with several pairs of gloves if you are multiple bookings, so there is no excuse not to have clean white gloves for every child. 

Daily Wash

After every shift, soak your gloves in a bowl full of cold water and nappy san. Allow to dry overnight. Look at the condition of your gloves. This will determine how long you soak your gloves. For minor use, soak for 30min, for heavily stained, soak for 2 hours. 

Important. Do your gloves have metal press studs? If yes, do not soak for longer than 20min. The metal will leave rust stains on your gloves which is not possible to remove. 


Book a Santa will post you gloves with your costumes. If you need white gloves in a hurry, here are a few places you may not have considered. 

– The laundry isle of supermarket. They are called Dusting Gloves
– Sports stores that sell boxing gloves often have white under-gloves. 
– Costume hire and sales shops sometimes also sell gloves 
– Costume websites like Spotlight and Costumebox sell white gloves 
– Marching band and uniform shops