With love, Santa

Some clients do not provide gifts or giveaways for Santa to hand out while working. Usually this comes down to budget or logistics and Book a Santa can’t convince them overwise.
Often Santas much prefer to have a giveaway when working, which we understand. Here is some inexpesive options we researched for you for if you prefer to have a giveaway, even if it’s at your own cost. 

Always check with your client first if thats ok. 

Non Sugar Giveaways

In this age, parents prefer their kids not to be handed lollies. It could be simply to not eat sugar, or it could be a health issue. Here are some inexpesive giveaway options that are not sugar related. 

Duluxe Giveaways

If you have a job that’s one on one such as a private family visit, you might consider spending a more deluxe gift since it’s a once off. 
  ——-COMING SOON!!  —-

Lollies and Candy

If you are positive lollies are the way to go, they must be individually wrapped. Always get verbal permission from parents first if a child is allowed to have a lolly/candy from Santa. Here are the wholesale suppliers we use.