Your Santa Claus costume is on loan from Book a Santa. A great deal of time, money and resources was invested into every single piece. Please take great care, and treasure your costume.

Upon receiving costume
Please examine each part, and try on your costume in full. Your costume should be comfortable to wear, so please get used to your outfit. Your costume was designed to be made of breathable plush velvet. It is a good idea to wear your costume and discover how it moves, breaths and feels before you have your first shift.

If there is any part of your costume missing or alternations needed, please contact your supervisor immediately.

Santa Costume Checklist!   Pants (sizes come in STD, Plus XL, XXL)Jacket (sizes come in STD, Plus XL, XXL)BeltWhite gloves x 2 pairsHat (ensure matching colour to suit!)Boot covers (worn over own black dress shoes)BeardWigGlasses (you may wear own reading glasses if preferred, pending approval)BellFat Belly (only if required, Santa should look round and tubby!)Magic Colouring in book or Magic Change BagWhite Paint for Eyebrows

Check yourself in the mirror and ask the following questions before leaving your change room. Is my beard as neat as I can make it?Does my beard and wig cover my natural hair?Are my pants tucked into my boot covers?Is my fat belly fluffed and sitting properly?Is my belt around my waist, not under my belly?Do I look like the real Santa?

Wearing your Costume

When you put your costume on you become Santa Claus. Santa Claus always looks fantastic! Please keep your costume clean and well looked after. Never eat, smoke, or drink anything that could cause staining issues around your costume.

Seeing the Costume

Children should never see your costume unless it is on you! Seeing Santas costume away from Santa ruins the illusion. When transporting your costume, always use your suit bag. Try to keep your costume away from prying eyes both at your store and at home.
Consider it to be secret disguise!

Costume maintenance
Your costume is your responsibility to keep clean and maintain throughout the Santa season.

Your costume CANNOT be machine washed. Instead, your pants, jacket and hat are to be dry cleaned only.

If you believe your costume needs dry-cleaning please contact the team at Book a Santa and they will help arrange it.

Please hand wash your gloves, and soak if necessary as required.

Your boot covers, belt, bell, glasses and beard can only be cleaned with a damp cloth.

Returning your costume
After the season, your costume is to be returned for cleaning, and repairs.

You do not need to clean your costume before returning it, but we ask you to air it out before the trip home!

A pre-paid return postage label will be sent to you in the 2017 new year. Once received please return your costume in full to Book a Santa for cleaning and maintenance.

I want to supply my own costume

Great! We love when a Santa takes his position seriously and invests in his own costume and look. We ask you ensure your costume is the same or better professional quality as ours, and you must still include all components.

Send us a photo of you dressed entirely in your costume so we can approve it.

We can also send you just accessories or extras you need.

Some Santas choose to buy their own accessories and just rely on Book a Santa for the main costume. Popular choices for self supplied are more comfortable Santa boots, wider belts, larger gloves, and their own glasses.
This is fine, but we just need to know ahead of time.

Dressing Instructions (suggested order)

  1. Remove all of your valuables. Santa does not wear jewellery, rings, gold chains, etc. These items are best kept at home for safe keeping.
  • Costumes can be hot, so we suggest wearing little underneath but we do ask you to wear a cotton t-shirt and shorts to collect sweat. Please do not wear singlets. This way your costume will stay fresher for longer.
  • Put on the trousers with the tag at the back. If your pants have a pocket you may keep your valuables in there as long as they are not visible. Mobile phones are not permitted during your shift.
  • Put your shoes on. Shoes must be BLACK all over, no exemptions!
  • Pull your spats/boot covers on over the top of your pants (do this sitting down). You may need a pair of gaiters to hold the spats up (a couple of thick rubber bands will work). The rubber band should sit underneath the fur trim at the top of the spats. The spats should sit over your own black shoes so they appear like all in one boots.
  • If you are little on the trim side you will be provided with a fat belly to make you appear more Santa like. Pop the opening over your head and Velcro the two straps around your waist/back. Ensure your fat belly is nice, round and plump.
  • Put your coat on over the top, the jacket does up at the front.
  • Now put on your belt. It should go around the widest part of your waist/stomach, not underneath! Don’t let the extra length of the belt hang, but instead secure it around your waist, you may need to use a pin to do so.
  • Make-up is included in your kit is a small pot of white liquid face paint. This is to be applied to your eyebrows (if needed) to allow your eyebrows to look older and whiter. Use your finger tips or a cue tip to apply the paint to your eyebrows. Remove with a baby wipe or warm water. Consider applying it backwards against the hair to get a more effective look. You are trying to whiten the hairs, not your skin.
  • Place your beard and moustache around your head comfortably. Place your wig over the beard and use the straps to secure. You may need to use hair pins (bobby pins to secure). Tidy your wig and beard so it sits neatly and nicely.
  • Place your hat over your wig. It goes on from the front, pulling it towards the back. Set the hat on a slight angle with the pop pom placed towards one side. You may need to pin this to your wig so your hat doesn’t move around.
  • Place your glasses on and sit them on the edge of your nose, so your eyes peer over the glasses and appear to twinkle.
  •  Finally, put on your white gloves, ensuring they are clean and white. Wear your gloves properly, so that no skin can be seen under your sleeves.

Stuff we get asked about costumes

Are the costumes to keep?
No. Your costume is on loan for the course of your Santa jobs. We may allow you to keep your costume for the following year providing you can keep it safe and clean. Otherwise, you will need to return your costume at the end of the season.

My white fluff is a bit pink?
Sorry about that. When we wash the costume, sometimes the red colour runs. We then bleach the white, but it’s a difficult task.

Why do you send boot covers instead of boots?
The cost of posting heavy boots all around the country is not feasible. We would also have the problem of shoe sizes. Instead, we provide boot covers and you should wear black shoes underneath. If you prefer, you are welcome to provide your own clean black gumboots or Santa boots. Please send us a photo for approval.

I have my own Santa Costume. Can I wear that?
Probably. Send us a photo so we can approve it.

I have a natural beard
Great! If it’s neat, white and Santa-like, you can probably use your natural beard. Send us a photo so we can approve it. Some santas dye their beard every year so it’s white and fluffy.

Why don’t you send bigger bells?
It’s very difficult for us to find larger bells in bulk supply, as well as the cost of posting them to Santas. If you prefer to find your own more suitable bell, you are welcome to.

Accessories Provided by Book A Santa

You may be given one or several of these items.

  • Bell

You will be given a bell to use as Santa Claus. Bells are a great way of attracting attention. You can also use the noise to distract young children or to entertain toddlers.

Magic tricks are a special accessory only given to Book a Santa Santas. You will be supplied with either a Magic book or a Magic bag. Use magic to win over children and adults, and generally allow Santa to appear a bit more ‘magical’. You don’t need to use it for all children, only those who would appreciate it.

Magic Book

The book is a specially cut book in which pictures can appear and disappear as if by magic. Practice with the book before your job, and get used to ‘flicking’ the pages. You will learn the secrets behind the book at training.

If you are having trouble, please you tube ‘magic colouring book trick’ or ask your supervisor for assistance.

Magic Bag

Make items disappear! Drop in a coin (or any small item), flip the lever and witness the item disappear!! The magic coin bag works for coins and small items. If you are having trouble please you tube ‘Magic bag’

Magic Trick Banter
“Can I show you something one of my elves made for me? It’s a very special colouring in book. It’s quite lovely isn’t it? But when you flip through the pages, there is something missing? Do you know what is missing? Pictures! That’s right! But I was wondering if you could help me magic some pictures into my special book. You can? That’s wonderful! Ok, so lets close our eyes and think about all the lovely pictures we will put in the book to colour in. Magicians and rabbits. Can you picture a magician pulling a rabbit out of his hat? Ok lets flip though again and see if it worked. Oh my goodness! You really are magic! Can you put some colours in the pictures too? Ok, so magic the colours in. Red and green and blue. And there they are! Thankyou so much for helping me. I’ll tell my elves you worked very hard to help Santa!”