All performers who work for Book a Santa are hired as sub-contractors. As a casual Santa you are not employed, but rather your services are contracted. This means Book a Santa does not withhold any taxes from your pay. It also means you do not receive a group certificate, superannuation or any other benefits with employment. It is your responsibility to provide Book a Santa with a legal invoice in order to be paid.

Important – No taxation. No group certificate

ABN or Hobby

In Australia, there are two ways to legally invoice for payment. You can have an Australian Business Number (ABN), and invoice as a sole trader, company or partnership. This involves applying for a free ABN from the Australian Tax Office, and acting as a business. Alternatively if you are earning a small amount of money, you may be eligible to invoice under a hobby. In plain English, this means you are earning a small amount of money, but it’s a side hobby, not an income. To invoice this way, you don’t need an ABN. All you do is fill out the ‘statement by a supplier’ form. This forms states you are not declaring an ABN because you are not a business. We have attached this form at the back of this handbook.

Book a Santa is acting on advice from the ATO, however we are not a licensed tax agent. We recommend you contact the ATO if you are unsure on which invoicing system would best suit your circumstances.

We suggest you declare your income to Centrelink if applicable. We also suggest you declare your income weekly, regardless of when your payment is officially paid.

To receive your payment, you must send an invoice to

  • Please provide one invoice per job with the booking reference
  • Email is preferred however you can also post your invoice.
  • Please do not handwrite your invoice as it makes it hard to read.     


Book a Santa will NOT reimburse expenses for travel to and from work, parking, meals or any other expenses unless agreed upon in your booking contract.

Payment notification

Invoices are paid the latest of 30 days after the job has been completed and you have sent a legal correct invoice. You will receive an email notification (if you have provided an email address) when your payment has been processed. The funds may take 1-3 business days to appear in your nominated bank account after receiving this email.
During the Christmas period, invoices are processed daily, and you can expect payments within a week.