Santa glasses are not normal eyeglasses. They are weaker and need higher protection. Always carry your glasses in a protective case or bag. They should be silver or gold in a round or rectangle design. 
To clean, wash in warm water with dishwashing soap. You can also use actual glasses cleaner or even window glass cleaner. Rub clean with a soft cloth. Dry throughly or they could rust. 

If you need glasses to see, you can wear you own glasses. We prefer you to wear “Santa” style glasses where possible. Some Santas who work often wil have a spare pair of prescription glasses in a santa style. 


Clean your bell with a damp cloth and then dry with a soft cloth. You can also use disinfectant as long as you wipe with water after. Ensure you clean the handle and ball of bell. 

Repairs: Sometimes the bell can lose it’s ball. Use fishing line or craft wire to retread the ball back into the bell. You shouldn’t have to remove the handle to do this. 

Eyebrow Paint

Eyebrow paint is a liquid face paint. It should be applied to the eyebrows only, not the skin around. Facepaint needs to be kept clean so it doesn’t develop bacteria. At least once a week during the season, wipe the edges with a baby wipe around the bottle, and the top layer of paint. Remove any crusty bit of paint on the edges of the bottle. 

Santa Bag

Only ever wash your Santa bag by hand. 
Most bags are difficult to wash in some way. They might be velveteen, have glitter attached, or have a white fur that can very easily turn pink in a machine wash. 
You can only cold wash Santa bags in cold water with liquid washing liquid, never powder. 

Magic Tricks

The magic book is a paper book, so it can’t be washed. 
You can however wipe down the cover with a soft damp sponge, and then dry with a towel. 

Your magic bag can be washed by gently handwashing in cold water with washing liquid or santisier. Wash the soap out with water until completely clean or the soap will leave a stain. Allow to dry completely..