Cleaning your padding

Keep your padding clean!

But how do you clean padding? You’ll need to know what type of foam your padding has. You might also want to know how to repair your padding as this is a very common repair necessity. 

What type of padding do you have?

Padding comes in lots of different types of foam. Feel the foam to know what type is inside. It could be washable pillow foam or a more chunky offcuts of plastic. It’s important to know the difference. 

Foam padding will feel soft to the touch and will keep it’s shape. Plastic or paper padding will likely be uneven and lose shape easily. 

DO NOT put your padding in a dryer.
The padding foam can melt.

Quick Refresh

Wipe the padding down with a disinfectant wipe. Pay attention to the areas around your armpit. Then spray with freebreeze. 

Let the padding dry in a safe warm area where it wont fall to the ground. You’ll need several hours for your padding to be dry again. 

Intensive Wash

Your padding is machine washable. 
You can wash like you would a pillow. Secure the straps to each other or they can wrap around the machine. Wash the padding on its own. 

Wash on gentle wash with cold water. Do not allow to soak. Use liquid washing cleaner only. Powder can stick to the padding and turn crusty. 

When your padding has finished, allow to dry flat in a warm area. It may take some days to dry fully. You will also need to refluff the padding to get it back to a realistic shape.