A professional Santa Claus costume consists of the following. 
  • Santa Claus fur lined jacket 
    Costumes could be made from crushed velvet, linen or even silk. No professional costume is made from felt. 
  • Santa Claus Pants. 
    These will be shorter than usual pants to fit into Santa boots. The great Santa pants have secret pockets
  • A Matching Hat 
    See ourt tricks to keep your hat firmly in place 
  • A Santa Belt 
    A wide black belt with a large buckle in gold or silver.
  • A white beard and wig 
    Some Santas grow their own beards and bleach them white 
  • White Gloves 
    Santa wear white gloves to show where their hands are at any time 
  • Black boots of boot covers 
    Keep them shiny! 
  • Padding 
    Some Santas choose to wear padding under their costume for a more realistic look 
  • Glasses 
    Santa wears gold or silver glasses perferably in a round shape. 
  • Accessories might include a Santa Sack, White Eyebrow Paint, or a Santa Bell

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